A new blog about DWS in Portugal

The initial idea of having a DWS blog was to have a website where people can find free information about Deep-Water Solo (DWS) climbing (aka Psicobloc) in Portugal.

To make it more dynamic and to increase your desire to do this excellent climbs I’ll also be adding some photos of our best DWS climbing days. And, if you have photos and reports about DWS in Portugal, you are also invited to send them to me and I’ll gladly publish them here!

Hoppe you enjoy!

Happy climbs and clean dives to everyone.


Ricardo Belchior


12 Responses to About

  1. Thomas says:

    I live in France-Riviera (where DWS is developping too!) I’ll be in Portugal for 2 weeks around Porto. I would like to know if there are DWS spots in this area. Otherwise are there any climbing spots around Braga. Thanks for your answers!
    Thomas Ferrandi (french climber!)

  2. Juergen says:

    Hola Ricardo,
    we are a group of international climbers on Mallorca. In summertime we are climbing psicobloc and developing new psicobloc spots and areas on Mallorca. For people who are interested in psicobloc climbing on Mallorca we created a web-page called http://www.psicobloc.com. Our aim is to inform people about this fascinating sport. I am allways looking for new informations about psicobloc in the internet. So i found your web page and want to tell you that you are doing a great job! I would also like to inform people about psicobloc climbing in Portugal on my web-page http://www.psicobloc.com. Please tell me if i am allowed to add some informations and pictures of your web-page to show it on psicobloc.com. Would be happy if we can get in contact… Best regards from Mallorca and have a good climbing time there, Juergen

    • ricardofb says:

      Thanks for your message! I will create a link to your website here, and you can use any content at DWS Portugal as long as it is mine! For instance, if a photo has the name of a photographer, who is not me (Ricardo Belchior), I have to ask him/her first. About the use of my contents, I would appreciate if you did it as a teaser, so that people don’t stop visiting my webpage.
      Feel free to contact me via: ricardofb @ hotmail . com

  3. Mélanie says:

    Hello Ricardo!
    I live in Canada and climb sport routes up to 5.10d (i think that would be 6a in your grade system). I will be in Portugal in May and June this summer and would like to try DWS for the first time! Would you be able to take me or get me in contact with other climbers who wouldn’t mind taking me to the spots?

  4. Matt says:

    I have seen some people with rafts. Can they be rented near Sesimbra?

  5. Lauren says:

    Hi i’m hoping to climb dws in Sesimbra. I am 14 and am going to Portugal with my mom this summer, we were hoping to find someone to take us climbing. I am a competitive climber and climb v5-v9 bouldering in gyms, and 5.13’s in lead and top rope. We are going mid-late July, I have done dws in Maui once before. If you could take us or know a company that could please let me know, thanks.

  6. ricardofb says:

    Your’re welcome! 😉

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