DWS Topo Guides – Lisbon Area

Here goes the link for the first PDF:

(It includes the full information format, to be included in a future guide, which will be sold with a moderated price. There will always be a free version of this guide in this website, for you to download, but I am still not sure which information will only be in the paid version!? Maybe you guys can help me with that…)

PDF file: DWSTopoGuides_Draft2

Looking forward to all your comments, about how you like it or not and what can be improved!


Ricardo Belchior


7 Responses to DWS Topo Guides – Lisbon Area

  1. This is great!! Can’t wait for the other craigs!
    Excelent job. It looks awsome!

  2. andreas says:

    Very nice job! This makes me really want to go… Thanks!

  3. Antony says:

    I’m going to be in the area next week . . is anyone around or does anybody know of a place to post a message for people to DWS with? I’m there on vacation in Silves and was bringing my shoes and bag anyway just in case I see some nice boulders 🙂

  4. TSU says:

    Thanx wery much! 🙂 Nice job. Nice place.

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